Ravideep Dhawan is a fully qualified professional makeup artist with his roots seeded in the holy city of Amritsar. Travelling all over India and world, Ravi has acclaimed fame for his exceptional expertise in makeup and is delineated as the best makeup artist in Punjab. Associated with events like Lakme India Fashion Week, he has had the experience of working with the top notch professionals. He has worked his makeup magic on various celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha to Sushmita Sen.Specialising in various makeup forms like Bridal Makeup, Theatre Makeup and Photo shoots, Ravideep is well acquainted with the delicacies and care associated to each.

A cherished dream for soon to be bride is that her natural glow, faints the lime and light of the festival wedding is. As for, it is her day to perfect beauty, idolise charm and become the deity of poise. Make up plays an important role as to how this beauty, charm and poise should be personified and only the best makeup artist can understand this. Ravi from Punjab is an expert in the area. His expertise with the colour blending, contouring and eye makeup is beyond comparison.

For Bridal Make-up,it is his friendly  and understanding natures makes it easier for the bride to be at ease and wear her skin with cheer, glamour and confidence.

An expert in Theatre Makeup, he knows the complexities of the camera angles and the prominence of the face-features which need to be visible on stage. He also has an expertise of using makeup as a prop to bring out the character and make-it stand out on the stage. Be it a shy young lady you will be playing or a scary witch, Ravi’s makeup brush can work it’s magic.

Being in the industry for so long, Ravi is the best makeup artist who knows  knows the inside out. He is not confined to Punjab. So if you are planning to make a grand entrance, he is an expert with professional photo shoots that can be arranged anywhere. He works with just the right amount of makeup to make all your features look camera ready.

Ravideep is also an expert with the head shots, hair dressing and setting.

A master of all the trades of make-up, Ravi is the makeup magician agile in transforming Belles into Beauties.